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gnctrkcll - Turkcell

"Gnctrkcell is ""the largest mobile loyalty program"" in the world. In less then two years, roughly the half of the total subscriber base of permission-based Turkcell subscribers joined in. Gnctrkcell has impressive key performance indicator rates and is aimed at the youth segment, through both prepaid and invoiced plans. More then 17 million Turkish people, equal to %25 of the total population, are actively involved in this loyalty club today. The members can take advantage of co-branded campaigns with global brands, buy-one get-one free promotions, free minutes & credits and ""money can""t buy events"" such as movie premieres, parties and exclusive events. Gnctrcll Project won the Star Brand Award 2005, the Best Mobile Marketing Award 2006 and was entered into the Guinness Book of Records 2006 with ""The Largest Picture Mosaic"" in the world (hundreds of thousands of photos sent only by MMS). "

  • Country: Turkey
  • Population: 74M
  • Operator: Turkcell
  • Sub base: 34M
  • Club Name: gnctrkcll
  • Target segment: youth
  • Club Size: 18M
  • Penetration: 44%
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