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MOLDOVA - Lab*400#

Moldcell - lab*400#, Moldova

lab*400# continues to attract new members to the community. It is a world of members-only privileges such as: SMS the answer & win a place in a master-class with a DJ at his parties or tickets to a concert (REM). 185,000 SMS messages were sent to members for the SMS the answer and get 2 free tickets to movies premiers or campaigns. On the average, the response rate was 10%. Seat occupancy for the premieres for Mummy 3, Star Wars, Four Christmases and The Day The Earth Stood Still were 99%! In 5 months, around 10,000 members benefited from the Buy one, get one free campaign, a permanent offer for all members that runs with a cinema line. A 40% response rate was achieved when concert tickets were distributed to highly active members through targeted SMS.

  • Country: Moldova
  • Population: 3,5M
  • Operator: Moldcell
  • Sub base: 0,5M
  • Club Name: lab*400#
  • Target segment: youth
  • Club Size: 150K
  • Penetration: 30%
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