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GeoCell - Zooom, Lai- Lai, Georgia

Being a member means enjoying an active life-style and having fun. Zooom Club is a virtual club for real members. Mobility & dynamism, community & togetherness and self expression are key concepts associated with Zooom. From the day they register, club members get involved in various campaigns, enjoy discounts and benefits and receive prizes for mobile communications as well as in real life. For example, the Your Five friends & family tariff became very popular among Georgian youth. Nowadays, friends & family traffic represents a significant part of all MS to MS traffic, which proves the effectiveness of the program

  • Country: Georgia
  • Population: 4,5M
  • Operator: Geocell
  • Sub base: 1,8M
  • Club Name: Zoom
  • Target segment: youth
  • Club Size: 0,8M
  • Penetration: 45%
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