Put “Mobile Human Being” In the Center

  • Our vision

    The future of mobility is premium content & permission-based advertising. The way to get and maintain permission is value exchange and sharing the real benefit with the consumer, and hence the future of new media.

    Large Growth Markets

    EMEA Market

    Expansion into Wider EMEA

    Massive Member and Service Base

    Young Populations

    Generation Z

    Customer Journey in Mobile Universe

    Transaction Based Business Model

    Mobile Internet & Smartphone Penetration

    Mobile Everything

    Mobile First

    Conversion of Masses thru mobility

    Dynamic Consumption & Communication Patterns

    Consumer First

    Artificial Intelligence Based CLV / NPB

    New Media ROI & Optimization

    Urbanization & Literacy Increase

    Smart Cities

    Connect People, Location and Context

    Extensive Research & Development

  • CAse STUdIES

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  • we're hiring!

    We always strive for the best.

    Engineering - Full Stack Engineer

    • Improving our backend infrastructure and database schema to help Andreessen Horowitz better utilize company and fund data (including migrations, query profiling for performance indexes, logging, improving the reporting and job management system).
    • Writing additional ETLs to gather, structure, and normalize data from new and existing sources for our database.
    • Creating additional internal APIs to expose this data to front end applications.

    Deal Team - Deal & Research Analyst

    • Cultivate a network of subject matter experts. The analyst will maintain a set of “pick up the phone” relationships with the most influential people in space (e.g. university professors, executives at established companies, industry analysts, etc.)
    • Ad hoc research. Perform business and technology research on markets, companies, and themes that the firm is interested in.
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